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Identifies authors and works of world literature, defines literary terms, and offers brief discussusions of topics in literature....

Title : Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature
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ISBN : 9780877790426
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 1236 Pages
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Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature Reviews

  • Jennifer Ochoa
    2019-05-07 23:03

    To say that I've "read" it is a bit misleading since it's an encyclopedia, but I've had this reference book for many years and it's well-worn with affection. I love literature, but I also have a goofy passion for encyclopedic books. This literary encyclopedia is kind of old, published in 1995, so it is not a good reference for contemporary works. I've had it since the late 90's, so it was fairly up-to-date when I bought it. However, despite it being out of date, I love to browse the volume from time to time and read snippets about obscure writers or remind myself of one of the many works out there I want to read and haven't yet. As a lover of literature, classic and contemporary, this encyclopedia is my IKEA catalog. Beyond writers and works, there are also literary terms and historical names/places/things related to literature. Characters in major works are also listed. I'm not sure if I've ever looked up anything in this encyclopedia, since I tend to use Wikipedia these days, but it's been great for adding to my TBR list (not that I need any more books to read, but when it comes to books, I am obsessive and love new discoveries). Recently, I've taken to keeping it by my bedside, periodically adding names and titles to my TBR notebook.

  • Scott Golden
    2019-04-25 23:04

    Nowadays, can you retrieve all of this info from the Wikipedia? Sure. But, then again, the ability to randomly flip pages and discover an interesting author you may never have heard of before is pretty cool in its own right.

  • Steve
    2019-05-11 22:48

    Bought this used on amazon, which is a great way to get books. I highly recommend this book just for browsing. I can spend hours looking through this volume for nothing in particular

  • Allie Meador
    2019-05-08 19:55

    Title (APA): MERRIAM WEBSTER'S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LITERATURE. (1995). Merriam-Webster.Citation by: Allie MeadorType of Reference: EncyclopediaCall Number: 803 WEBHardcover: 1248 Pages Publisher: Merriam-Webster (April 1995)Author: Merriam-WebsterLanguage: EnglishISBN-10: 0877790426ISBN-13: 978-0877790426Product Dimension: 10.3 x 8.4 x 2.2 inchesCost: $10.98Content/Scope:• Merriam-Webster's Encyclopedia of Literature is a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the authors, works, genres, and terms of world literature that combines the best features of a dictionary with those of an encyclopedia.Accuracy/Authority/Bais: • This is the result of a major collaboration between the editorial staffs of two of the world's most respected reference book publishers, Merriam-Webster and Encyclopedia Britannica. The first Merriam-Webster dictionary, which was published on September 24, 1847.Arrangement/Presentation:• The book is arranged alphabetically.Relation to other Works:• Merriam-Webster publishes a new edition/version every year of the dictionary, thesaurus, etc.Accessibility/Diversity:• A rich source of information about the world's finest literature.o Over 10,000 entries and 250 illustrationso Coverage of authors, works, and literary terms from all eras and all parts of the worldo Includes pronunciationsProfessional Review:•

  • Crystal
    2019-04-26 22:57

    I ONCE had this book, and then I loaned it to a schmo - *miffed*Gone forever *sigh*

  • Patricia
    2019-04-24 18:17

    This book is so useful when reading classics that do not have foot notes! It is a wonderful reference book!

  • Danny
    2019-04-25 18:07

    Great resource for readers and writers.

  • Naren
    2019-05-04 20:14

    its really a must book for a lit.ppl

  • Christine
    2019-04-27 22:02

    not something to be read in one sitting--rather, it is to be sampled from time in no particuliar order as the fancy strikes.