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Mending her heart after a bad love affair, Doran Fairweather loves her new life in a tiny Kent county village. Her antiques business is doing well and her low-key romance with the young vicar is quite pleasant. Then a stranger, Mr. Mumbray arrives, bringing with him a malignant presence that causes the villagers to flee, cringe, and sicken. Only Doran and the vicar dare deMending her heart after a bad love affair, Doran Fairweather loves her new life in a tiny Kent county village. Her antiques business is doing well and her low-key romance with the young vicar is quite pleasant. Then a stranger, Mr. Mumbray arrives, bringing with him a malignant presence that causes the villagers to flee, cringe, and sicken. Only Doran and the vicar dare defy the evil they sense invading their lives, but death and destruction are running wild. And neither they--nor the malevolent Mr. Mumbray himself--will be spared.......

Title : Malice Domestic
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ISBN : 9780449220320
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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Malice Domestic Reviews

  • Christine
    2019-05-11 16:55

    The characters were interesting enough as to keep me reading this book and rate it as 'okay'. I even enjoyed some of the literary elements. It was choppy, however, and I had to force myself to push ahead and finish it.

  • Catherine Mason
    2019-04-27 23:05

    I read the 1988 Corgi paperback edition but Goodreads wouldn't let me add it. I soldiered on to the end, but I really didn't find the main character Doran Fairweather particularly interesting. Although she was supposed to be a caring individual she really didn't seem to exhibit much empathy, nor did any of the other characters for that matter. The actual murder didn't really happen until the book was nearly over.

  • Cathy Cole
    2019-05-01 01:14

    First Line: "Two more deaths this morning," Rhona said with relish, piling used breakfast pots onto a tray.Time does indeed heal all wounds. After a disastrous love affair, Doran Fairweather moved to a tiny village in Kent and set up her antiques business in a neighboring town. Now her business is doing well, and her low-key romance with the vicar definitely makes Doran's heart beat faster. However, when the singularly unpleasant Mr. Mumbray moves to town, he has the tendency to make the collective village blood pressure skyrocket. Residents flee in the middle of the night, they sicken, and... they begin to die. Unwilling to stand idly by while her beloved village and her friends are under attack, Doran is determined to find out what exactly is going on.If you're in the mood for a light, well-written mystery filled with wonderful characters and set in a quintessential English village, Malice Domestic may well be your cup of Earl Grey.Doran Fairweather is a young woman who cares deeply about her friends and acquaintances. She is incapable of inaction, even when her constant forays into the village to ask questions puts her at the top of the police suspect list. Her romance with the Reverend Rodney Chelmarsh would be sheer poetry if it weren't for Rodney's evil-tempered young daughter. Confined to a wheelchair, Helena has been indulged and spoiled-- much to the dismay of all those around her.Amongst a stellar cast of characters, Hardwick has inserted a truly evil man, Leonard Mumbray. What Mumbray intentionally does made my blood run cold, but it wasn't his crimes or the identity of the killer that made this book so enjoyable that I'd ordered the second in the series before I'd even reached the halfway mark in Malice Domestic. It was the marvelous cast of characters and their interactions. Hardwick created a village of people about whom I grew to care deeply. These characters are not static. As things happen, they grow and change, and with certain decisions being made about the obnoxious Helena at the end of the book, I'm very interested in seeing what happens in the next book.If you're in the mood for a bit of antiques, a dash of romance, a soup├žon of evil and buckets of character, Mollie Hardwick's Malice Domestic may be your recipe for an enjoyable afternoon of reading.

  • Paul
    2019-05-21 17:55

    PLOT OR PREMISE:St. Crispin's Village, although not quiet per se, is at least restful. Until Leonard Mumbray retires to the village and tries to exact evil upon its townsfolk, with words here or suggestions there. Extortion, blackmail, threats, sneers...whatever it takes to stir up trouble. And trouble leads to deaths, including suicides and murder..WHAT I LIKED:Miss Doran Fairweather doesn't like it, not one bit. And if Christie had written Ms. Marple at age 26, it might have been Miss Fairweather who resulted. Written in the classic style of life in an English village, there are lots of characters. Besides Mumbray and Fairweather, there is her love -- the local widowed vicar, Rodney Chelmarsh. Only love does not run smooth because Rodney has a handicapped daughter who exaggerates her ailments to monopolize all of Rodney's time and throws fits if he tries to make friends with others..WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE:Well-written, but there are too many little twists and turns that are not needed for the story. As well, the ending is a little anti-climactic in terms of the mystery, although it is slightly made up for with a twist in the love story part. Not enough to save the mediocre ending to the mystery but a nice ending nevertheless..BOTTOM-LINE:Nice ending.DISCLOSURE:I received no compensation, not even a free copy, in exchange for this review. I am not personal friends with the author, nor do I follow her on social media.

  • acemace
    2019-05-24 19:15

    I got this book along with another mystery at a pretty cool book store ... hole in the wall book store.It had a slow start, and then it dragged on too long. The pacing wasn't my style. Furthermore, I had no interest in the perfect main heroine Doran. I also did not appreciate the sexual scenes, even though they were more or less 'behind the scenes'; I don't see how it adds anything to the story. How did Doran having a time with that real estate agent bring forth anything productive to the story? Did it change, grow or improve her character? No. It's more filler that is not needed.The ending was depressing, as in, you read all that way and that's it. That's it. I knew it was going to be like that within page 150 however. As I said, the pacing in this book isn't for me.The only thing I liked was mixing black magick in the story, and I wish the author went more into detail. In any case, the author used the black magick as a 'shock' factor rather than an in depth theme. Very unfortunate, but I have little to expect since this it's not a long book and it's a churner book.

  • Sandra Knapp
    2019-05-16 19:58

    It was far from the worst mystery I've read, but nowhere near the best either. A middle-of-the-road story. I say this because for me, the best stories grab my imagination on page one, and then I fly through the pages, unable to get from one page to the next, quickly enough. That was not the case with this tale of vindictiveness, mayhem and murder. The story was not bad, but it took me several chapters before I even began to become involved with the story. They style of writing was not fluid at all, and many times I actually found myself wondering what in the world the author was talking about. Still, once we got into the meat of the tale, I was involved sufficiently that I finished the book, and was pleased by the ending. Enough so that I'm now embarking on a second tale from the same novelist. I must be a glutton for punishment. LOL But since it is another book from a series, I am now more familiar with the main characters. Hopefully that will imply I might become "involved" a bit quicker this time? One can always hope.

  • Margaret Pinard
    2019-05-11 21:47

    Doran is a shortening for Dora Ann, so I believe the author meant it to be pronounced like "Moran."Anyway.Entertaining drop into a picturesque English coastal village, where several people's lives will be subjected to Doran's poking and prodding, a la Jessica from Murder, She Wrote. But she's young, and pretty, and still trying to figure shit out. I liked it. :) I figure the lofty literary references between Doran and her love interest make up for the slightly heavy info dump about characters at the beginning. Would definitely read another by this author!

  • Peggy
    2019-05-05 17:51

    I was excited to read this mystery as Mollie Hardwick wrote 'Upstairs, Downstairs' too. I picked up 4 in this series at a booksale. It was very slow starting for me. Not until the last 1/3 of the book did it pick up. It took that long for the dastardly neighbor to get his comeuppance and the sleuthing start. But the final 1/3 was grand. Never in a million years would I have guessed the culprit! I guess I'll read the other 3 now!

  • Miss Lemon
    2019-05-13 22:10

    A good little mystery. My favorite location...little quaint town in England. It is modern day (can't have everything, I'm more for 20's 30's) but the characters are believeable and the protaganist well done, not too clever but clever enough. So worth a look.