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Tasha Skinner finally shed the baggage of a failed marriage. Now, she’s looking forward to a night of margaritas and man-bashing. Tasha’s friends have other plans, including Leather, Lace and liberation.Dylan Caprese didn’t want to go to Marquee, but he and his friends were on a mission. They took it upon themselves to make sure things didn’t get out of hand when wannabe DTasha Skinner finally shed the baggage of a failed marriage. Now, she’s looking forward to a night of margaritas and man-bashing. Tasha’s friends have other plans, including Leather, Lace and liberation.Dylan Caprese didn’t want to go to Marquee, but he and his friends were on a mission. They took it upon themselves to make sure things didn’t get out of hand when wannabe Doms mixed alcohol with playtime at the monthly Leather and Lace night.From the moment he set eyes on Tasha, he knew there was something different about her. She wasn’t some bondage babe who thought she knew what it meant to be into BDSM. She was much, much worse; she was innocent and trusting. He can tell she is something precious.When Tasha’s past threatens to destroy her, Dylan begins to realize that while their paths have never crossed, their lives most definitely have. Will he be able to save her before it’s too late?...

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  • Lisa
    2019-04-23 14:32

    Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson is the first book in her Isthmus Alliance series. This book embraces the much used formula of possessive Dom meets sweet woman, sparks fly, woman is defiant (*hear me roar*), man introduces woman to his world, pair have hot and kinky sex, and happiness ensues. While I generally like books of this nature, there was just something about this book that fell short in its execution. I wanted to love it. After all, who does not think a muscled up hot and sexy bald dude is not something worth reading about??? Sigh! I really wished I had liked this one a lot more.Tasha Skinner has finally walked away from her emotionally abusive douche-bag ex-husband and divorced his sorry ass. She now wants to move on from that chapter of her life and and is determined to never be controlled by a man again. She wants to be her own independent woman. Her best friend wants to celebrate Tasha's new found freedom so she decides to take her to a Leather and Lace night, a kinky evening at a local night club. Tasha does not really know what she is in for when she agrees to go to the club. The night if full of surprises for our wide-eyed innocent girl!See! Holy sexy, right?????Dylan Caprese abhors Leather and Lace night. It is a night where wanna-be idiots take advantage of the monthly theme to dive into the kinky experience. Dylan and his friends take it upon themselves to attend the theme nights to watch over everyone and make sure than nothing gets too out of hand. When Dylan spots Tasha in the line-up, he immediately picks up on the fact that she is completely out of her element and does not belong there. Playing the knight in shining armor, Dylan rescues Tasha from her friends and takes her out for coffee. Something about Tasha brings out his uber-protective side. Little does he know that little miss independent will not stand for his demanding and dominant nature. Essentially from the moment Dylan and Tasha meet, Dylan pushes for more with her. Her sweet nature mixed with her feisty attitude leave Dylan wanting to possess her. Tasha is undeniably drawn to all that is Dylan; however, she does not want to fall into another relationship where she gives up her independence and control. When danger threatens Tasha, the pair become more intertwined despite Tasha's adamant insistence that she does not need Dylan to tell her what to do even if it is for her own good. Dylan is patient and caring with Tasha fully understanding that the demons from her past prevent her from completely trusting him. Dylan slowly introduces Tasha to the world of dominance and helps her understand that submitting to him does not necessarily mean that she is giving up the reigns of control when it comes to her life.The concept and story line of this book had great potential; however, I found the plot lacking in cohesion preventing a natural flow from taking place. One of the things that bothered me most was the fact that the author skipped important scenes which should have formed part of the dialogue and book. Instead, Ms. Sloan chose to have the characters "flash back" at a later time remembering the dialogue. For example, Dylan and his friend Zeke had some important information regarding Tasha's ex-husband to share with her. Rather than having this be a scene where the three of them conversed, the author had Tasha flash back and remember that particular conversation. This happened on more than one occasion throughout the book and I found it confusing and also hard to keep track of the time frames. Further, I felt like some things were mentioned in passing and then never touched upon again such as the fact that we get little information regarding the actual Isthmus Club, Dylan's tattoo shop, and how Tasha was completely clueless about her best friend. All in all, Unexpected Angel was not the book for me. There was a lot of potential there but I was unable to get completely caught up in this book. Perhaps now that this author has her feet wet, the next book in the series will be much more cohesive. I will give it a go. I do not particularly like Holly at this point but I am intrigued by Tommy. Plus, I have a soft spot for sexy Doms. What can I say!!!

  • C-Money
    2019-04-13 08:34

    fuck me. look at this cover. complete cover whore right here

  • Anna
    2019-04-06 10:24

    Stop !!! Bald guy hot as hell cover alert. I'm so on this. The book binge continues with hot bad-ass baldie. Damn. I love that shiny dome ❤❤uggs I wanted to LOVE this book but sadly, I didn't....the cover lust was just not enough to get me to full throttle swoon was very slowwwwww moving for me and I guess judging from the cover I was anticipating serious steam and lots of WOWWWWback to my book binge !review to come .......

  • Heidi McLaughlin
    2019-04-21 11:36

    Sexy and thrilling. A fan for life of this series. The next one can't come out fast enough. This novel will make the most unwilling participant submit and love every minute of it.

  • Jennie Wurtz
    2019-03-28 09:28

    Wow. I LOVE THIS BOOK! Unexpected Angel is awesome! Sloan Johnson is truly an outstanding and gifted writer. From the first page (or rather screen on my Kindle) I was hooked. I was drawn to the characters and they kept a hold of me throughout the entire story. And this is one HOT story! Dylan is well, HOT! He is gorgeous, sexy, and a total alpha-male, everything I love in my book boyfriends. And he knows what, or rather who, he wants. And he wants Tasha. She's awesome too. Coming off a bitter divorce she is ready to start her life over and willing to take a chance on this sexy god of a man. Their chemistry is insane, you can feel the heat as it intensifies with every page. Keep a glass of ice water and some extra panties nearby while reading this because you're going to need them! Sloan Johnson's writing talent really shines through with this book. As a reader you feel as if you are there, you laugh, you cry, you scream, you possibly want to hurl your Kindle across the room. And when it's all over you want more. It's a standalone story so there is no worry there, but I mean you just want more of her writing, more of Dylan and Tasha, more of the supporting characters who deserve their own stories as well. She tells the story beautifully and to me that is a huge draw. If I can't connect on some level with the characters or they aren't believable to me, I have a hard time finishing the book. In this case I just did not want it to end! I highly recommend Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson and I am very much looking forward to her future stories as well.

  • Deetimes
    2019-04-07 12:15

    This book contains light BDSM essentially because of the Tasha's past. I loved this book from beginning to end. Dylan was an understanding and very protective dom that I could read about again and again. He said things that made me say," He is special" in a good way. Tasha was a bit annoying but aren't all flawed women?- 5 stars and a devilish smile

  • Michelle
    2019-04-02 12:35

    First of all, let me just say, awesome cover! I have a thing for bald men, and loved it! OK, on to the book. I loved it too! Dylan was a believable Dom. he didn't have ESP, he wasn't all knowing, he was a regular guy, with a dominant personality who knew who he was and what he wanted. I loved the way he was with Tasha, not overwhelming, but able to get his needs and wants across gently. For as damaged as Tasha was from her ex, she was appropriately wary, but not bitter and mean, which I love. I liked how certain D/s, BDSM things were explained without coming across as a "how to" book. The sex scenes were HOT and plentiful without becoming repetitive and excessive. The only thing preventing this book from being 5 stars is that there were certain conversations and events that either faded to black or happened "off screen" that to me, seemed important to the story and maybe needed to be explained more thoroughly than just being alluded to or referenced to in flashbacks. I have no doubt I will be buying the next book in the series.

  • Indy
    2019-04-21 07:36

    Had so hoped this book would live up to it's cover! Unfortunately, found it luke warm. Loved how we got to read both POVs, but Tasha was whiney, there wasn't much character development, and I thought we were getting setup in the first half of the novel for some actual BDSM but it never delivered. I have read the plot "crazy ex-husband wants her back, goes about doing so by harassing her while new guy tries to be protector" more times than I can remember and this one didn't add anything new nor did it really play to that storyline all that well.What this book had was tons of possessiveness but generally over trivial things which lost some of its effect. And seriously, Tasha meeting a new guy at her divorce party to settle down with, kind of wanted her to spread her wings a bit. Well written for what it's worth, but plot was nothing exciting so that can only get you so far.

  • StacyHgg
    2019-04-17 14:30

    Unexpected Angel by Sloan JohnsonSeries: Isthmus Alliance #1Genre: Erotica > BDSMAge Group: AdultRelease Date: August 5th 2013Print Length: 236 pagesFormat: Kindle eARCSource: received from Author for honest reviewReview Date: August 8th 2013Cover Rating: 4 StarsSteam Rating: Scorcher Overall Rating: 3.5 StarsReview:Before I start this review I would like to point out that I know very little about the BDSM lifestyle, and have never heard of shibari before reading this book. I looked it up and shibari is a Japanese form of bondage using ropes. I want to point this out because someone who is more familiar with this lifestyle may appreciate this story more than I was able to.That is not saying I did not like it, because I did. Dylan was a total hottie, and the chemistry between him and Tasha was smokin! However, for an erotica novel there was not a ton of sex, and some scenes were short and glossed over. If you are expecting hot bondage scenes, you will be disappointed. This story is more about Tasha and Dylan getting to know one another, and Tasha overcoming her demons. And once she does, the story abruptly cuts short. Book two, The Unexpected Protector appears to be the story of Tommy, a secondary character in this book, so I don’t think there will be a continuation of Tasha and Dylan’s journey from their perspective. In other words, the ending left me unsatisfied.Dylan is all alpha male, dominate in and out of the bedroom, but with a huge heart. He is serious about the BDSM lifestyle, and believes it is not a game. He meets Tasha at a BDSM club party where novice BDSM enthusiasts “play”. Dylan doesn’t agree with the way these novices “play” so he goes to these parties as a sort of “watcher” so things don’t get to out of hand. As soon as he lays eyes on her he knows two things—she isn’t a “bondage babe,” and he is very attracted to her.Tasha just got out of a horrible marriage to a man who was mentally and emotionally abusive to her, so she is not looking for a serious relationship. But Dylan is persistent, and Tasha needs him. When her past comes back to haunt her, he is the only one who can help.Overall I think this was a good story about how BDSM can be used to help a women get through trust issues with a man. But we were never shown the results of Tasha’s demons being overcome, it was just implied, and then the story was over. No bondage scenes. And the sex was minimal for an erotica novel.I was unsure how exactly to rate this book, because my experience with erotica is limited, most of the books I have read have been dark erotica, like The Dark Duet, Comfort Food, and The Tied Man or “Pop” erotica like Fifty Shades and Crossfire—this book fits into neither category.~StacyHggBooks Unhinged Book Blog

  • Christine
    2019-04-04 15:30

    3.5 StarsTasha just got divorced from her ex-husband who had mentally abused her for years. Her friends take her out for a night out at a club, a club that she find out later has BDSM. There she meets Dylan. Dylan is all alpha. From the beginning he wants to protect Tasha. The BDSM was vanilla, which I liked. My problem was Tasha. She has these threatening texts and a break-in and when Dylan wants to protect her, she does not except his help. I understand that from her experience with her ex, Nick, that she is leery of any man trying to ever control her again, but sometimes it is not about someone trying to control you but someone trying to help you.Overall it was a nice read. I really liked the first half of the book, but then somewhere at about 60% some scenes were falling short. I am not sure if it was that Tasha was getting a little whiny. She did not want to be a burden Dylan, but I think the more she tried not to be a burden, the more she was. A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. Thank you.

  • Zakirrah BookBlogger
    2019-04-12 14:29

    3.5 Fast-paced, Raw, Hot Stars!!"I wasn't broken by my divorce, it was the decade spent with a man who wanted to dictate every facet of my life that had shattered me." This story starts off from where Tasha Skinner is being dragged by her best friend Holly to some unknown club to celebrate her divorce from a controlling obsessive man. What Tasha doesnt know is that she isn't entering a normal club.There she meets Dylan Caprise who spots Tasha and instantly knows that she is in the wrong place, she looks too innocent, she cant be involved in this lifestyle.Dylan is a Dom but that's not why he is at the club that night, he is there with his friend Zeke to make sure no one gets hurt.Alcohol and BDSM is a bad mix and its how people get hurt.When he meets Tasha he knows she is different and he is drawn to her.Due to Tasha's ex-husband who was abusive and controlling she is scared of the whole BDSM lifestyle and doesn't understand it.Dylan wants to make her see it for what it is, need to make her trust him. But things change fast when she starts getting strange messages from an unknown number and when someone breaks into her home.Dylan being very protective over Tasha becomes involved but will thing last? Will Tasha think Dylan is just like her ex or will she give him a shot?This book is in both Dylan and Tasha's POV which I liked because if gives the reader an overall picture of what both characters are thinking or feeling.I felt at times Tasha was being whiny and needed to think rationally.Dylan was trying to protect her and it was like she was going out of her way to do stupid stuff."I want to maim the bastard who shattered her. I only hope there is a way to find all the pieces to make her whole again."I liked Tasha and Zeke's relationship he was like an older brother he was funny and always knew what to do. I really want him to have his own book, even Tommy was cool! Zeke and Dylan were more like brothers and great friends they just got each other.Now lets get to Tasha's best-friend the Bitch-fucking-twat one who wanted her to start a new relationship and leave her ex.She pissed me off.I didn't like her right from the start I just had a weird feeling about her.It was like she wanted Tasha not to take shit from her ex but to do what she was told with her -.- This book contains very light BDSM,some romance, mystery and drama.I wanted more from the book, sometimes it felt a little rushed I wanted more detail and to see how Dylan and Tasha's relationship builds, becomes stronger, it all happened so fast.Dylan was like amaaazing! I wanted to know so much more about him.I think it would have been better with another book on the same characters but hey we'll see how book 2 goes! "I told you that night that I would never be yours, but I was wrong once you showed me what claiming me meant to you. I couldn't imagine a greater gift than to have you want to claim me"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**ARC provided by the author for an honest review**Check out my blog for more reviews!

  • Felecia Hickman- amaya
    2019-04-07 14:30

    This book had me hooked from the beginning. Twice lol. I literally finished it and started it again. Everyone should experience this book. It's definitely an experience not just a book. Tasha- she was quite simply broken. After years with a jerk who never appreciated what she was worth or how precious she was. She was able to divorce him and start to find who she was. She lets her friend take her out for a divorce party. Trying to be open and experience new things. She wants to make her own decisions her own choices but she's submissive by nature. But she goes anyway even though she didn't really want to. Well she gets way more than she bargained for at this party. And thank god she went. Dylan- is a savior and lives a lifestyle that many do not understand. Well he meets an angel in white and it instantly drawn to her for reasons he can't explain and he's scared as hell. He senses her uneasiness and steps in. From there first encounter that's all it took. He must claim her ,protect her and save her not only from herself but from those who do her harm. Tasha thinks to much. She follows her head not her heart. She thinks she doesn't want to be claimed because she only knows the bad . Slowly Dylan changes her mind and gets her to follow her heart and to realize that she's was made to submit to him and was made to be claimed by him. As with any profession of love . Craziness must happen before you can admit to yourself you belong to one another. She knows Dylan will get to her . His possessiveness wouldn't have it any other way. When she goes missing Dylan looses and ounce of self control he has left. The only thing that matters to him is lost . He must get to her and be her savior. And finally claim what's his. What was made just for him. When he finally gets to her things fall right into place.Dylan -"You're what I've been searching for. You're the missing piece to my puzzle.""I found and angel in white and I took her home"Tasha - "I told you that night that I would never be yours, but I was wrong once you showed me what claiming me meant to you. I couldn't imagine a greater gift than to have you want to claim me"Dylan- "I know she feels the same way I do. I need her. Not to f**k her and not to claim her. Tonight I'm going to make love to my woman."I can't wait to learn more about Zeke and Tommy .They are both fiercely protective and I'm sure there stories will be so much fun.Holly- I am sad for you and mad at you at the same time . I want so much for you to get better. This should be a crazy ride between you and Tommy.

  • ✰BJ's Book Blog ✰Janeane ✰
    2019-04-17 15:17

    ARC Received for honest review4.5 starsDylan Caprese - that is all you need to know!Oh, you want more? We, OK then! But - imagine the guy on the cover while you are reading - humina humina!!Like a lot of readers, I have read a lot of BDSM-themed books since a certain Seattle billionaire came to our notice, and this one does not disappoint - though really in this book there is not much "play" but more the tease and the hint of the act - delayed gratification anyone?Dylan is wonderful. Yes, he is a Dom, but unlike so many other books, right from the start you can feel the love in his actions. He does not just see Tasha as his possession, he has feelings from her right from the start, and slowly brings her into his world, not just throwing it at her. No red rooms and collars, this book is about earning trust, which was a like a fresh breeze through the genre.But don't get me started on the term of endearment - precious.Every time I read the word, I heard Gollum in my head! I was waiting for Hobbits to come visit!Tasha, being just out of an emotionally abusive relationship does not appreciate the fact that he sees her as his, and is constantly flip-flopping about what he means to her - gah! I can understand why she is skittish, but gees! Give the poor man a break!!I loved the support characters Tommy and Zeke - though Holly's actions, not so much. I liked that we got both Tasha and Dylan's POV's in the one book. I know not everyone likes this, but Sloan has written both characters so well that it is not hard to enjoy both.I think Sloan Johnson is onto a winner with this series, and I cannot wait to read Tommy and Zekes's stories.Would have been 5 stars, but I couldn't get past the precious/Gollum thing!!

  • Emily
    2019-04-19 09:16

    When Tasha Skinner's best friend plans a divorce party for her, she can't turn her down. Nor does she give into her objections of having it a Leather and Lace party in a club. Tasha has no idea it is a BDSM club and with her innocence shining through, she is an immediate target to all kinds of dom's good and bad.Dylan Caprese notices Tasha right away, he warns her away but plans to keep an eye on her if she comes through the door. Dylan isn't sure what about Tasha that entices him so much, but every moment he spends with her he finds himself hoping that she will be able to accept every facet of who he really is. However, Tasha has a stalker who doesn't seem to want to let her go and Dylan is more determined to protect her no matter what.From the first chapter you are drawn in. Tasha is not a sub, she hasn't really thought about that type of lifestyle. Dylan knows he is a Dom, he doesn't hide it but with Tasha he does't use put labels on it. I thought the way Dylan handles Tasha, his feelings, and actually taking the time to ensure he is who she wants was fabulous. Loved him, quickly catapults Dylan into favorite hero shelf for me. Amazing read.

  • Kris Book Addicts PR
    2019-04-03 07:07

    I was lucky to receive an ARC of this book! I'm a little late on my review but here we go! Simple and sweet! This new author, Sloan Johnson, where in the world has she been hiding? For her first "dirty novel" it was amazing! It was HOT! It's one of those books that just pulls you in as if you were the actual character. Dylan, umph! That cover guy Alfie makes for an amazing cover and character, he fits the entire book as if it were made for him! Tasha, I hated her but loved her. And most people who read my reviews know I'm never really a fan of the main female characters. This is a book that will keep you on your toes, pacing the room, not sitting still until the very end! It's. that. AWESOME! I LOVE the fact that its POV, you get it all at one time. I cannot wait to see what Sloan has for us next! And I cannot wait to get my hands on Zeke, but apparently she's making us wait for that one!!!! Congrats Ms. Johnson! I definitely say if this is not on your TBR list, you add it NOW!

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2019-04-13 15:28

    5 steamy stars.... This book is HOT!!!! I loved the cover, having a visual of Dylan while reading was awesome. I love me a sexy, alpha, badass, muscled, tattooed Dom who whispers in my ear what he's gonna do to me later. Especially if I've been a bad girl - lol! I was expecting hot scenes in the bedroom, but I must admit I got a few surprises in a few other places. Sloan has a talent for keeping you on the edge of your seat. There are some twists and turns and suspense that I wasn't expecting. Nor did I expect to fall in love with the support characters. Well, now I'm hooked and looking forward to future books that feature more of these awesome friends that were there for Dylan and Tasha.

  • ItsyBitsy
    2019-04-22 10:26

    Love the cover and had to buy the book. This is a case where everyone else loved it more than me. Dylan, our sexy Dom is hot. Tasha, our leading lady is spunky but at times really annoying. Of the BDSM genre, this is in the light side - more in theory than actual example. The plot twists to the extent that Sasha's best friend since kindergarten and her ex-husband of 10 years are both completely different people than Sasha thought they were. It's a bit far fetched Dylan is a dreamboat and his friend Zeke is great. Sasha was wishy-washy and often whiny. Left me feeling like he deserved better.

  • Macaela Conder
    2019-04-23 09:23

    Loved it Loved it Loved it. Definitely moving on to book 2 and I hope Zeke gets a book also :)Even though I am so not a fan of the best friend of Tasha's!!!

  • Tricia Lockwood-Smith
    2019-04-02 10:16

    Omg! I loved this book......

  • The BookChick
    2019-04-10 11:16

    My Rating: ★★★★VERY GOOD: The characteristics of a 4 star book include: a great story; I loved the characters; and there was an interesting plot and unique story elements; there may have been a few odd things kept the story from being amazing. I would read it again and I would recommend it to a friend.Unexpected Angel is my first book by Sloan Johnson and I'm hooked. The passion between the protagonists -- Dylan and Tasha -- was vivid and intense and their journey to love, although frought with one challenge after another, solidified the feelings between them.Dylan Caprese is a sexy and tough Dom with a core of steely sweetness. From the minute he spots Tasha at the alternative club her friends drag her to for Leather and Lace night, he wants her. She is a ray of sunshine with her bright white corset and her sexy, girl next door good looks. Dylan instantly recognizes Tasha's in innocence to that world and offers her a friendly, but sexy, warning to leave the club before walking into the den of debauchery. From Tasha's side, she won't allow the sexy but demanding man tell her what to do. She's at the club celebrating her divorce from one domineering man. She refuses to be cowed by another. Only, there is something about Dylan that draws her like a moth to a flame. Once inside the club Tasha settles in with her best friend Holly and a few of their other high school friends. Tasha isn't at first sure what kind of club her friends have brought her to until she witnesses first hand what goes on behind those closed doors. Irritated and hurt by her friends omission about the club and their own predilictions, she is also intrigued and turned on by what she sees there. Dylan spots the innocent beauty walking to the bathroom with her friend and decides to wait outside for her to make his move. And boy, does he ever make his move. He literally blows into her life and sweeps her off her feet, quite literally, too. I loved the byplay between Dylan and Tasha. Tasha was resistant to Dylan's claims of her being his but he totally wooed her with his sweet and sexy seduction. So much so that she freely turned control of her passion to him. She was a bit more stubborn in turning over control of her life because of her experiences with her ex. However, once she realized that Dylan wanted to be dominant and not to control her, she acquiesced. She first gave him her body and then her heart.Although this story was quite a steamy romance, it was heavy on the story, too. There were things in play with her best friend and her ex-husband that layered a level of intensity over the sexy times. I gotta say, I hated Holly, the BFF. She made me want to punch her in the throat and kick her in the stuff. But in spite of her complete selfishness, Tasha loved her and was there for her although she did not earn that courtesy. I hope Holly redeems herself in Unexpected Protector because I honestly couldn't care what happened to her one way or the other at the end of Unexpected Angel. I want to see Tommy happy so I'm definitely rooting for her. Unexpected Angel is not a wannabe Fifty Shades. Dylan is a dominant but the BDSM elements do not overpower the story. I would actally say the story is pretty mild in what it does cover This story has a sexy, but unique story with intrigue woven throughout it. I hope we learn more about the Isthmus Alliance in the next book. It was mentioned and explained briefly but I was intrigued about it and how it connected the characters. The most important thing to note about this book is that it does not end in a cliffhanger.

  • The Book Trollop
    2019-04-22 09:09

    "Holy Angel of Fuckdom"So I saw this cover and just HAD to review the book.. Can we say.. YUM??I wanted to motorboat his chest.. all day long!I liked this book but wasn't in love with it. It gave me everything I expected and I think that is what upset me a little bit, I figured out everything from the beginning so I was left disappointed when it ended. Plus the author didn't give me all the information I wanted but do I still think this book is good enough to read and fantasize about??.. why yes, yes I doI loved Dylan Caprese's muscular face off!! I believe he even made me purr like a sex kitten while he was "speaking".. Tasha on the other hand, annoyed the ever living shit out of me from the very first page to the very last but I did like her in the end, but just a tiny bit. I think the biggest thing that annoyed me is that she really didn't grow as a character she had more to be improved upon but that's just my opinion.I also didn't like the way Dylan called Tasha "precious" it reminded me too much of "Silence of the Lamb" or the evil witch from a fairy tale "come here my preecciiouss" muahaaha but thats just me and Tasha hated it too but Dylan is a dom so he didn't care what she said ;) The author also left some information out that didn't let me connect totally with the characters. It was mentioned Dylan owned a tattoo business and then it was never mentioned again while he was working. It just seemed weird that the author would mention it but then never hear about it again throughout the story. Tasha mentioned going to see her mother for brunch and then her family was never mentioned again, was she close with her family? Did her family know about Nick's abusive ways? How did they feel about her marrying him at such a young age? All these questions I kept asking myself while reading and I think if there were more information on Tasha and Dylan's background the story would have blown me away but I feel a little cheated. Also, it is a BDSM book and although the sex was hot and steamy, it didn't scream BDSM. I needed more whips, chains, flogging, nipple clamps, it was more vanilla than what I was expecting(Christian Grey ruined me for any other BDSM)Now that does not mean I didn't enjoy the story because I really did. I was invested, it kept me turning the pages and I hope to read more about these characters in the books to follow. I liked the basic foundation of the book and I wasn't exactly sure where the story was headed at one point, whether it was going to be about crazy ex-husbands, best friend's backstabbing, relationship triangle, or just about being introduced to BDSM in general. There were so many different elements and when it finally took the turn that made me realize, "oh ok I know where this is going", I figured out the rest of the book before reading it. But it was still entertaining even if I did predict it, which made me happy. I liked the alternating POV's, those are always my favorite besides first person POV because it gives me both sides of the story without the author writing two different books. Dylan was everything I wanted in a DOM, alpha -I am going to own your soul- male. He was sexy as oh holy hell, smart, funny, confident, and a heart of gold. He took care of what was "his" and I just simply drooled over him. He tried to fix what was broken in Tasha and introduce her to his world. He wanted her beside him with everything in his life. Personal, business, everything! It seemed he wanted to control all aspects of her life but really he just wanted to make sure she was taken care of no matter what. It was sweet, I dug it!"All I know is that when you got scared, I felt your pain in my chest. When I look at you, I want to make sure no one ever hurts you again"I also loved Zeke and Tommy, and I am glad Tommy's book will be out soon because I want to know more about these characters and I am hoping the next book will provide more insight.Overall I give this book 3*** and I am excited to read more from this author and hopefully the series

  • Fab Fun & Tantalizing Reads
    2019-04-23 15:19

    Submission is something that needs to be earned by the Dom and given by the sub when she is fully lucid. ~ DylanUnexpected Angel is a very light BDSM book with romance, personal demons, mystery and some great characters that have you rooting for them until the last page. The sexy times were sizzlin. Like smoke coming out of the pages sizzling (& get me a freaking fan sizzlin), but there wasn't a whole lot of BDSM to terrify you and get you running away as fast as you can. It's a great little novel to dip your feet in if you are unsure whether this genre is for you. It did have me wondering and flicking the pages too-ing and fro-ing with my prediction of the villain though. I wont spoil it and tell you whether I was right or wrong, you need to read it & find out for yourself.I wasn't broken by my divorce, it was the decade spent with a man who wanted to dictate every facet of my life that had shattered me. ~ TashaThe book starts with Tasha, an insurance company worker, attending her own divorce party at Leather & Lace night at their local BDSM club. It didn't take a prediction to work out that 34 year old, bald, tattooed, dominant Dylan Caprese was hot to trot when he and Tasha met briefly outside the club and had a connection from the get go. Thankfully he thinks with his big head, not the little (or not so little *wink wink*) head and got her the hell out of there & away from the activity that has her mind spinning with questions she couldn't answer right then.When she's thinking about something unpleasant, her eyes get dark and dull. I want to shine a light deep into her soul and banish the darkness. ~ DylanThat's where it all began for Tasha. Overcoming her past & her abusive marriage that had her cowering in fear and letting someone control her every move. She has to learn the difference between being controlled and being taken care of. Learning that belonging to someone didn't make you a piece of property. It's being loved & cherished. The journey you go through on her road to discovery didn't have me wanting to punch her, or myself. It was gradual & I enjoyed watching Dylan help her to bring her shields down one by one.I want to maim the bastard who shattered her. I only hope there is a way to find all the pieces to make her whole again. ~ DylanThere were a lot of mention-worthy moments here, but first of all Zeke. We thought him just a shallow player early on but we learnt his place as Dylan's best friend of many years was deserved. He was loyal and protective. He was a great character & supplemented the story perfectly. The football was fun, their indecent public acts were hella hot, the flashbacks and steamy day dreams added to the story in a different context, and the shower/bathroom & erotic scenes were delicious.Sex with Dylan isn't an activity, it's an event. A well-choreographed scene in which he always leaves me begging for more. ~ TashaI enjoyed the Unexpected Angel, it ticked all the right boxes for me. It finished with some questions unanswered & I'll be looking forward to getting those answers in further instalments.You're what I've been searching for. You're the missing piece to my puzzle.~ Dylan

  • Kristen Karwan
    2019-04-26 13:13

    I would first like to point out that I am somewhat familiar with the BDSM lifestyle and I have read A LOT of BDSM books. I have to say that Unexpected Angel is by far one of the best I have read in this genre. Sloan truly captures what true BDSM really is. It's not just about the kinky sex or the dominance of it. It's also about the the relationship aspect . How Dylan made it about Tasha, the NEED to protect her, how Tasha ultimately holds the power. I LOVED how this book focused on that aspect, since not many books in this genre do.In this book the male character Dylan is HOLY HOT BREATHING ALPHA MALE DOM SEX ON PAPER. From page one you can see and feel that even though he is a DOM the huge heart he has and the love he wants to share and give from his actions. Tasha is not just a possession to him, someone he feels he has to put on a shelf and preserve like a porcelain doll, NO he feels a deep connection with her and just knows he needs to protect her. The chemistry between them is very powerful that you can't help but feel it. Though he doesn't know exactly what happened in her past, he knows something and or someone has damaged her and that is what makes him all the more determined to protect her. Dylan slowly introduces Tasha to his world and what I love about this book is that he doesn't just throw her right in and overwhelm her with his dominance or his lifestyle. He slowly educates her, really pays attention to her wants and needs more mentally than physically. He gets her to trust him.The female character Tasha just came out of an emotionally abusive relationship. She's trying to find her individuality again. Though she is damaged I loved how she was relentless to be strong for herself and continue to move forward. Though she hates that Dylan calls her "his" I love that she motivates herself to see what the chemistry really is between her and Dylan.For me, I liked how this book had both Dylan and Tasha's point of view and it wasn't just one or the other. I truly believe that this series will put Sloan Johnson on the map and I for one can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series.I am forever a fan

  • Stacy
    2019-04-06 07:31

    I'll do more of a review later but for now.....I was lucky enough to get this as an ARC. I loved the story and can't wait for it to come out. Loved the characters and can't wait for you to meet them.Dylan may have found his Unexpected Angel in Tasha but he is....well, he just turns my brain to mush and melts me into a puddle. I did receive this as an ARC and I got to read parts before it was even finished and I knew in the first few pages I was going to be watching for it because I had to support this new author and buy this one for my own. So I started this review back before Unexpected Angel came out but now I will finish it. So here is the review. Tasha was a sweet character that had put up with a lot of crap from her ex husband and was finally free of him. What women wouldn't want to go celebrate with some friends and if she meets a sexy, lickable man that is just a bonus. Dylan is a sexy, strong, possessive man who will protect whatever is his. Even if that means protecting "just" a friend. I was wrapped up in this in just the first few paragraphs really. It was so great! I know you hear that a lot and you wonder if it is really that good or if it is just to sell the book. Well this was amazing, wonderful, I could go on because I have yet to come up with one word that comes close to describing how great it really was. The characters are fun and even though the way the men are described they seem a little scary they are just a bunch of big teddybears that you want to just cuddle up with and let them protect you from all the bad in the world. Sloan had a way to make me feel safe just by cuddling with my kindle and holding it. Then some of the scenes I think I actually saw smoke coming from my kindle they were so HOT! Dylan is definitely a new favorite book boyfriend only boy does not go with him maybe a book MANfriend I don't know but just thinking about him makes me happy. Great job on the debut Sloan Johnson and best of luck with the rest of the series. Can not wait to read more from you.

  • Julie
    2019-04-02 11:35

    This is a review I wrote for the Stories and Swag blog. This is one book you don't want to miss!!Unexpected Angel is the debut novel by Sloan Johnson and it is one you don’t want to miss!! Dylan is one HOT Alpha male and when he wants something, he always gets it!!Tasha is newly divorced and going out with her best friend, Holly, to Leather and Lace night at the local club. They are out celebrating her recent divorce from her abusive husband of many years and she is very naïve to the whole dating scene, much less what this club has to offer.Dylan and his best friend, Zeke, are the club promoters. He is out to protect anyone being abused by their Doms. Once he sees Tasha, his Angel in white, and how innocent she is, he knows she will be “Mine”.Dylan and Tasha have that spark that you can’t seem to get enough of. Tasha is scared of getting close to anyone and refuses to be told what to do by any man. But Dylan is determined to get her, no matter what.“You like to challenge me. I don’t like to be challenged.” - Dylan From the first time they meet, Dylan wants control. She thinks he is so arrogant.She knows she wants him and once he calls her “Precious” from that first night, she knows men like him only want one thing. “I’ve never met anyone so sure of himself.” Once he calls her “Precious”, I am in love!!Tasha is put in danger and Dylan wants to save her and protect what is his. He has been hurt in the past and knows what he has to do to keep her. “You have no clue what you do to me.” – DylanThis book hooked me right from the start and I couldn’t put it down. It is hot and Dylan is one sexy man. His dominating ways will leave you breathless and wanting more. I actually hated to see this book end and can’t wait for more books from Sloan. And, like Tasha says, “I’m completely wrecked for any other man” and you will be too. It’s definitely 5 stars!!!! You will love Dylan!!

  • Audrey
    2019-04-16 08:11

    What more can I say? Dylan is what Alpha and a man should be. A man who knows what he wants, confident and treat his woman like his the way it should be... Precious. Yup! Not a possession but something truly previous he just wants the best by her. In short, I love Dylan.This book also introduce BDSM in different light to any other books before this. It's not about whips and chain, leather and kinky fuckery.. But it's about trust and giving up power over yourself to someone you trust. It made me look at bdsm and those in that lifestyle differently in a whole new different light. If anything the way Dylan treat her is something that any woman can dream of. Apart from, second chance at love, falling in love, trusting someone your love, this book also about friendship. The friendship between Zeke and Dylan is great. I loved it, which comes back to a conclusion that trust.. Mutual trusts plays a big role in BDSM lifestyle and those chose to be in that lifestyle. If there's one thing that holds me back from giving this book 5 stars it deserve. Apart from the great writing, story and all the great elements in this book, I feel like there's not enough explanation to each characters or me to know them well enough by the end of the book. As much as Dylan a great guy (and I love him so)... I feel like I don't know him much. The same goes to Tasha and the rest. Even for the alliance ... There's not enough to get to know about it better. Few anticipation moments like how Zeke told Tasha about Nick was more like a background story also still not sure what's the big secret that makes Dylan try to keep out from Tasha. I'm assuming its his lifestyle but there's no exact moment of clarification that I was looking forward to discover myself instead of assuming it through Zeke's question whether she would accept ALL of him.Apart from that, I love this book and I'm looking forward to Holly and Tommy.

  • Victoria
    2019-04-04 13:22

    I can't believe this book has a four star rating on GOODREADS...Seriously, I guess that just goes to show, different strokes for different folks...At 30% I thought the story was just meh…but I wanted to stick with it. I hate starting a book and not finishing it. At 65% I almost DNF but once again, I stuck it out. Now that I finished the book, I’d like those hours back! There’s not that many books I can’t wrangle even two starts for but unfortunately this is one of them. The writing wasn’t really the issue either. It was all about the story and characters. I don’t have a problem with a story that’s not very original. Many of the books I read have very cliché story lines and I still like them. Some stories just work for me and that’s fine. That’s why I’m surprised that a book about a dominating man falling for a damsel in distress didn’t work. The writing was okay but the story was just blah. It wasn’t funny, or sexy, or anything. I didn’t think any of the supporting cast added anything either. Everything was blah.Besides the story being totally lackluster, I thought the heroine was a bitch. Straight up. Tasha complained about everything, was snarky to Dylan, and kept repeating the same things throughout the book. Honestly, I didn’t find one redeemable quality about this woman. And Dylan, if he asked Tasha if she was “okay” one more time I thought I was going to throw my kindle across the room. Nothing about this story or characters worked for me unfortunately.I wouldn’t recommend this book and I won’t be reading any other books in this series or most likely this author.

  • Becca Booksreview
    2019-04-07 08:17

    Sloan Johnson has given us the beginning of a wonderful new series! Unexpected Angel is the first of a series of Dom men and the women they love. Tasha is supposed to be going out to celebrate her divorce by going to the leather and lace night at a local club. not only does she not know what she is walking into, but she isn't even sure she wants to be going there. after finally getting out of a marriage that has left her trying to re-build herself she knows that she wants to experience life, not one that is controlled or by being hurt by another man in her life. Dylan is going to keep an eye on want to be Dom's at a local club, when he says his "angel" he knows that she is in the wrong place, but he also knows that HE is in the right place to protect what is going to be come his. I loved watched Tasha come into herself, yes she might want to be controlled in some ways but there is nothing in the manor that Dylan controls things compared to the way her ex-husband controlled her. I really liked that Dylan wasn't in his DOM ways all the time, he let her be herself. become friends with his friends, tried to help her stay away from the things that were going to get her hurt not only physically but emotionally as well. I am really looking forward to the next book of the series, I am hoping that we get to see more of Tasha and Dylan through it all, the ending of Dylan and Tasha's story left me wanting way more of them. Sloan can write another 2 books on them and I would be very happy!

  • Katya
    2019-04-25 13:12

    2.75 Stars!!!I feel as though I've read this somewhere before. You know, the strong, determined man who is dominate, owns or is a master at some club where he practices the BDSM lifestyle, but remains unattached plus the young naive, curious heroine who comes to the club to explore her submissive side and is saved by our hero. Oh yeah, I did, those Masters of Shadowlands books....and the hundreds of copy cat novels which aspire to rival them.The most profound thing that happens in this novel is that it oddly just stops in the middle of the story and you turn the page and read: "This page is intentionally left blank." What happened? Was it supposed to happen like this? I was thinking that this was a nice and okay read until the story abruptly ended like that. Now, I am sure I won't read anymore of this "continued" just is not worth it. But wait...maybe it is not continued as the second book in this series is about Holly, a secondary character in this book. I am so confused, and I didn't even talk about the book yet. Nah, never-mind, I've said enough.PS. The cover shows a woman bound with her back to a man who is taking his shirt and jacket off. Never happened in this book the cover is misleading.

  • Angel (Book Boyfriend Blog)
    2019-04-23 12:32

    Dylan, Dylan, Dylan what can I say about this man known as Dylan Caprese. I am in love! Seriously, Dylan is everything a woman could want. Sloan Johnson gives us both points of view Dylan and Tasha and she does it flawlessly. Dylan is all man and thinks like a Dom. He's used to being in control and obeyed, but he never crosses the line when it comes to Tasha. Dylan's best friend, Zeke, was a great character and a big support to Tasha, I really hoped the next book would be about him but its about Tommy the other friend but I think we will get a Zeke book real soon.