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Star Wood Leigh's hasty, secret marriage to rock 'n' roll bad boy Jimi Deeds triggers a chain of events that makes Hollywood-tabloid history. Together the couple will soar past the brightest lights and greatest heights of stardom. But as Star and Jimi's lives become more public, their secrets grow that much darker...and soon everyone on the planet will find out what it reaStar Wood Leigh's hasty, secret marriage to rock 'n' roll bad boy Jimi Deeds triggers a chain of events that makes Hollywood-tabloid history. Together the couple will soar past the brightest lights and greatest heights of stardom. But as Star and Jimi's lives become more public, their secrets grow that much darker...and soon everyone on the planet will find out what it really means to be Star Struck....

Title : Star Struck
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ISBN : 9780743493741
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 208 Pages
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Star Struck Reviews

  • LaDonna
    2019-04-26 11:05

    You choose to read a "novel" by Pam Anderson, you don't go in looking for literary genius or scintillating drama and intrigue. I gave it three stars for the laughs I got; intended or not it is pretty amusing. Fluff, fluff and more pathetic fluff, but that was exactly what I was expecting.

  • Darth
    2019-04-24 14:44

    I know, I know, why did I read this in the first place? I didnt even think the first was was worth a review, I just marked it 2 stars and got on with my life. So why am I reviewing this one? Why did I read it at all? The second question is endlessly more complicated than the first. Chalk it up to growing up poor and not wasting anything, or a minor compulsive type work ethic to finish anything I start. It probly didnt hurt that it was under 200 deckle edged double spaced pages, and both of these were already in my bookcase.As far as why I am reviewing it, it was just sooooo bad. The writing, never stellar in the first was terrible in this one. It went from a semi-believable mild fictionalization of real-ish people and events, to a bad coke trip. For example, where star is a peacenik who just bangs everyone in a 25 mile radius in the first one, in the second she is faithful to one guy, and oh yeah, becomes a paparrazzi serial killer. That is to say her and Jimi tommy Lee Deeds, kill multiple paparrazzi in turn, not that they shoot photos of celebrities, and kill people.If the writing wasnt bad enough, the content was so self-indulgent - A big movie company is evil because they expect you to show up and do your job? THE HORROR. Get over yourself. One of the things that made the first one a little bearable was star played the loveable dork, willing to work, and not complain, or take any of that celebrity entitlement seriously.Cap off the book with the fact that whoever edited it must have been doing it for the first time, and possibly for free. Awkward sentences abound, some with no noun, some with no verb. Some without spaces after the period. I can handle bad fiction, but bad editing is inexcusable. Presumably, at some point, people were payihg for this book (I got mine from my own bookstore years ago) so it should have at least gotten a professional editing.Other than that it was okay ;-Þ

  • Bill
    2019-04-25 13:07

    "Why do my nipples hurt? was Star's first thought as she woke from a strangely deep sleep, her hands gliding along her naked body to the tender nipples that had awakened her. She winced as she made contact, realizing only belatedly that she was naked. Star tried to open her eyes but couldn't; the room was too bright. She raised her hand to shield her view, only to be blinded by a huge diamond ring that hadn't been on her finger when she went to sleep."NEED I SAY MORE!!!

  • Anna Belinda
    2019-04-18 14:01

    Hysterically funny and total trailer park. Pamela Anderson should write more fiction.

  • Steve
    2019-04-26 07:55

    Just like the last one, Cheesy..

  • Júlia Trličová
    2019-04-03 14:11

    While frustratingly badly written, I was positively surprised how imaginative, unexpected and creative this book is. The protagonist, cleverly named Star, is a young blond actress who stars in a hit TV show, where she plays the role of a life guard. The plot thickens when she falls in love with a bad boy rocker archetype and an adult home video they make (no, not one in which they are voting or driving a car, the other kind) is somehow leaked to the press. Without giving too much away, I just wonder where Anderson came up with this crap...

  • Erin
    2019-04-17 10:03

    This was an ok read for Friday around the pool. It was very predictable until the end and really seemed like more of a memoir than a story but I liked it none the less. It was a little trashy but I guess the summer read for lounging around does not always have to be the most intellectual. If you have a lot of books on the to read list then you may not want to waste your time but if you need some mindless entertianment then give this a try.

  • Jennifer Reierson
    2019-04-13 06:48

    horrible! I was really curious about Pam's first book, Star, and was surprised that I actually enjoyed it. The follow up is just awful--save your time and read something else. You won't miss much here!

  • Jeanette Cupcake
    2019-03-31 08:52

    Basically this is a book about Pamela Anderson. The names have been changed, but its so obvious who shes referring to that she shouldve just kept them.The first sentence of the book starts "Why do my nipples hurt?"Pamela Anderson wrote it. Need I say more?

  • Flora
    2019-04-25 10:54

    Infinitely juicier than "Star," because it's clearly about her whirlwind romance-marriage-on-the-beach-after-three-drug-and-sex-fueled-days with Tommy Lee. Ridiculous and contemptible and an enjoyable enough hour's read.

  • Emma Carter
    2019-04-24 08:52

    loved reading Star and couldn't wait to read this sequel. I am a Pammy fan so of course i loved this. I wouldn't recommend this book to those who don't like what the have seen of Pam Anderson as a celebrity

  • Tara
    2019-04-12 15:04

    What the heck was I thinking when I read this book?? LOL

  • Amy
    2019-04-17 06:45

    utter crap......typical hollywood rubbish. *yawn*

  • Kristen
    2019-04-09 14:48

    Terrible! Both Star Struck and Star....Terrible!

  • Courtney Barnhart
    2019-04-12 14:10

    Was NOT expecting that ending!

  • Amanda
    2019-04-03 09:58

    I didn't want to like this book. I really didn't.

  • Laine Aguero
    2019-04-09 15:13

    Beach reading

  • Emily
    2019-04-25 11:13

    definitely not as good as the first one. i had to force myself to keep reading because at some points i wanted to flip thru 10 pages just to skip the zzzzz factor.

  • Jude
    2019-04-15 08:07

    Titillating, but delivers no satisfying payoff. Recommended only for those who want to read the equivalent of a very long, routinely mundane, letter to Penthouse forum.

  • Brandy
    2019-04-21 11:51

    What a waste of time. Pam should stick to acting...well, I really don't know what she should stick too, but writing is not her specialty!!!

  • Jen
    2019-04-14 07:50

    The sequel to Star. She kills herself and the Tommy Lee character off at the end of this one. I guess I can't look forward to any more books from P. Anderson.

  • Jeffrey Hammerhead
    2019-04-12 11:49

    After reading her first book, I'm not sure why I bought this one. Maybe the cover tempted me. Story does not have a lot of depth to it.

  • amy
    2019-04-18 15:08

    yes, make fun of me all you want. i read it's entirety...while camping. it's terrible. yes, pam's a whore...but a loveable whore.

  • Amy Franks
    2019-04-01 13:07

    utter crap......typical hollywood rubbish. *yawn*

  • Rachel Zylstra
    2019-04-19 14:11

    I haven't read the first one, Star. I borrowed this from my sister out of curiosity. It's ok in it's own way! 3 stars for fun and humour.

  • Alyssa
    2019-04-05 09:44

    Beyond bad, but as this installment is a fictionalized version of Pammy's romance with Tommy, it's fun to read.

  • Cate (The Professional Fangirl)
    2019-04-01 12:02

    Talk about a "trashy beach read".

  • Sarah Pickering
    2019-04-26 07:08

    Not as good as the first book 'Star' but a super fun, girly, summer read!

    2019-03-31 14:59

    This one was good too!

  • Nicole ♥
    2019-04-11 13:54

    Her first book was better than the sequel.